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2023 US Tour Confirmed

We are beyond excited to announce that Sam will be playing select dates in the USA in 2023! Please note Sam is playing 2nd thru 8th February dates only.


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Debut Album 'Fever & Bones' Out Now!

Review from Tom Girard – BBC Introducing Guernsey Across the record there are hints of everyone from The Cure to Radiohead and upbeat, summery power such as on Brave to the thoughtfulness of lead single Panic to slower and more acoustic sounding numbers.

Third Single 'Partly Coded' Out Now!

Review from LastDayDeaf.com Sam Brace recently gifted us with a timeless, alternative rock ballad “about losing the person you’re closest to”, with expressive vocals, excellent guitar work, filled with 90s rock nostalgia… We love this dude!

Debut Album Coming Soon!

Fever & Bones.

The debut album from Sam Brace launches 10th of June 2022.

Second Single 'Brave' Out Now!

Review from unxigned.com – Digging the upbeat, flowing, and engaging mood on this new piece. It’s lively, easygoing, and bright by design. The sound is imbued with pop rock-inspired elements fused with alt-rock and indie-pop hooks through the flow. It makes for a flowing, captivating, and spacious sonic tone. 

Praise for debut Single 'Panic'

Review from whenthehornblows.com -

Review from tommygirard.wordpress.com (BBC Introducing) -




    Lyrics From Fever & Bones

    Pain doesn’t know time, And I didn’t know your pain
    Out on the dark side, In Electrical half light
    Trace out the black star, Make the best of a bad lot
    Out on the dark side, Hidden in half-light

    If I keep running round inside your head.
    It won’t be long, til someone loses an eye.

    Blank page approaches, It begs your attention
    A car crash in motion, Of nervous affection
    I see inside you, But I didn’t know your pain
    Out on the dark side, At glimmering first light

    Why Am I always interrupted by the painful need to breathe.
    Amidst the dissonance of hopeful days that sneak up and then leave.
    But I am only partly coded I don’t know what I am for.
    This time we’ll find it out together like we should have done before.

    We sat and spoke of your father, of the drunk disappointment that he was.
    We talked and drank to your rescue. Well, I drank and you watched me reappear.

    Ultraviolet walls.
    The crushing gut punch of all your nostalgia.
    These boundaries are false
    So if you could, would you leave this all behind?

    I trace the line of your lipstick. I wonder how it will taste inside my mouth.
    And though the night wasn’t over then, in some ways it still feels like it’s happening now…

    Trapped in a world of subterranean love songs.

    It’s alright, you’ll wake up. In some place, your comfort zone

    I wasn’t smart enough to know. Sat in my cave, an angry primate filled with alcohol.
    And we weren’t brave enough to see. Chemtrails in our eyes they tend to, breed missed opportunities.
    And the message here was fundamentally clear,
    It echoed back like a shouted name. Name.

    This is your time to be brave, I will not help you to run.

    Swam out to the places I shouldn’t be. The bottom obscured by the tiny fish that came up to eat me.
    This is no modern tragedy. I just have no warm and welcome body here to distract me.
    And the message here was fundamentally clear.
    Like a shouted prayer to the 4 letter gods. Gods.

    This is your time to be brave, I will not help you to run.

    This is not a drill,
    Crowns caught in collapse,
    This carcass must be filled… in,

    Sit down in leaves, be still,
    A sedentary blaze,
    Fed by all the dead, grins,

    This is not a drill,
    A pulse inside a hole,
    An emptiness we all… can feel,
    An emptiness that’s always real…

    You find us at the end,
    There’s silence in the night,
    They’re coming around your house,
    It’s already started.

    You made this deal with him,
    But many years have passed,
    You’re laughing it off, but then,
    At midnight it’s serious.

    Your heady goals,
    the sinews in your ends have gone again,
    pulled back from the edge of everywhere.

    My credit cards can kill,
    My appetites and friends,
    This carcass must be filled… in,
    The emptiness will always win.

    So let’s go,
    These streets that once enchanted make me ill,
    The underground advancement doesn’t care.

    So find us at the end,
    lit by bonfire light,
    They found me at my house,
    The day it started,

    Now all the deals are off,
    and finally we’re free,
    to start it all again,
    The wreckage is here in us.

    You find us at the end,
    There’s silence in the night,
    You’re laughing it off but then,
    At midnight it’s serious.

    If we can all agree that panic is an animal,
    With tiny insidious claws.
    Surely modern life must give us something,
    A key a backdoor.
    Some voices are so loud they can be heard underwater,
    And nothing runs like a crowd.

    If we can all agree this is the new reality,
    This endless horizon.
    It’s clear that modern life has taught us nothing…
    The wrong things to fear.
    Take this gaffa tape bandolier,
    and these three litre bottles,
    And you can just disappear here.

    I will wait for you, under darkest canvas,
    We’ll decide what’s true… From everything everyone knew.

    I will wait for you, at that endless horizon.
    We’ll decide what’s true… From everything everyone knew.

    I was born in the year of punk
    And I am not afraid
    Junkyard dogs together run
    They bite before they’re laid

    There was something in the air
    On that day.
    It felt like anything could happen
    Mistakes would be made

    Hold on. Your apparition’s at my place.
    Hold on. We’ll turn about and make space.
    Hold on. My sister says this will pass.
    Hold on. I need to be in the place you are.

    Cautious, hopeful, overwhelmed.
    But ready just in case.
    For the problems of the world.
    Their waiting warm embrace.

    Put your keys into the bowl.
    This game must be played.
    You’re so alive in softer light.
    Mistakes have been made.

    She says you’re no one’s, clear air.
    Through candlelight tears.
    It’s all played out.
    She said we’ve never, been friends.
    And that’s why we’re here.
    So won’t you just sit down.

    And through these fine adjustments
    I find the face of my God
    And something odd

    Wealth is a lot like beauty
    Skin deep and empty as you grow
    But please don’t go

    Don’t think, don’t call out, hate everyone,
    Don’t blink cos you know you’re right.
    Go drown in that sea that he left you,
    Cold eyes from those depths can bite.

    With the lights out it’s easy to judge your worth
    Through someone else’s lies.
    And these nights out are endlessly tenderised.
    It’s time that you realise

    In rooms we thought were empty
    Your spiders come to break my will
    And have their fill

    Don’t hide, speak up loud let them find you
    That fear had you hypnotized
    With a couple of careful adjustments
    They’ll be looking you in the eyes

    Turn the lights up and show me you’re terrified
    I’ll hold my ground and fight
    It’s amazing the things you kept inside
    Now take these wings and fly

    Your final adjustment.
    My subtraction, your final adjustment.

    Inhabit the space between,
    The breath from all the lonely girls.
    They all sit here quietly,
    Pretending no one’s home.

    So we chase our demons down,
    Through the openings that you and I found.
    Should I even be… On your side?

    I will try. I will try. I will try. I will try.

    My little skeptical baby.
    Smothered by her health
    Don’t you hide behind belief
    Your safe place will not help

    I don’t have the grace to bow out now.
    Putting plans in place as fast as you’ll allow.
    A million walls to walk into.
    A million holes to see you through.
    The millionaire behind a bedroom war.

    Open one eye,
    find my direction
    The air is still russian,
    Maverick opinion

    Open both eyes,
    Cue up the horizon
    We’re way past ripcords,
    No canopies open

    Take my hand
    Warm my bones
    Call me out
    Talk me down,

    I never learn
    You’re clear air turbulence
    Your empty words
    You’re clear air turbulence

    Open one eye
    a beautiful swan dive
    Make myself smaller,
    and live in the water

    Voodoo long lines on.
    Control is illusion, love and confusion.
    Voodoo long lines on,
    and you can be happy, you can be happy.
    Voodoo long lines on,
    til the men with the scissors come.

    Voodoo long lines on.
    Gravity’s waiting,
    a diamond accretion.

    This land’s for hit men,
    This land’s for social shaming.
    Cut across by tripwires
    from all the walking pylons.

    (Oooh) we’ll become what we’ve begun.
    (Oooh) this is a process of investment.

    This sky will spitfire,
    this sky is so amazing.
    We’ve made our empire,
    in part Heliocentric.

    (Oooh) We’ll become what we’ve begun.
    (Oooh) This is allowing things to change.
    So Hello hell.

    We’ll have our songs about regret she said
    Again, again, again, again
    We’ll breathe as one idea and not be sad
    Again, again, again, again

    I table motion,
    addiction repetition.
    Yes, yes, you’ve seen this,
    but were you fixed on mission?

    (Oooh) We’ve become what we’ve begun.
    But should we be this now forever?

    I see you baby with your headshots lined up.
    Again, again, again, again
    You motion junkies make my beating heart stop.
    Again, again, again, again

    Now put your questions in a capsule for the animals, load up, and then we’ll leave here for the stars.
    We’ll travel light with only socks and tanks of oxygen, and hope our pain can’t find us where we are (travel very far).

    Tune the ether radio
    To your frequented frequencies
    The place you’re in is red inside my head
    And you never are alone

    In these projections
    We live and die
    Course corrections

    When you find me
    in the bottom of your bag
    Will you be happy?
    Or would you send me back?

    Within these questions
    We live and die
    Course corrections

    And you will go out again tonight
    And I a lonely soul just waiting for the door

    But I’ll forget the pain again when morning comes
    Still, nothing I see is really right
    Grey in a certain light